About the MathAlgoDB knowledge graph

Numerical Algorithms are a principal tool for simulation, optimization or control. Yet, finding a suitable algorithms to one's problem, software implementations of an algorithm, or surveys on certain algorithms is often hard. MathAlgoDB aims to improve this by assigning metadata to algorithms as a community project, and make it searchable.

MathAlgoDB is a Knowledge Graph for numerical algorithms with a web front-end providing a semantic search engine, a full-text search, and a browsable index. The graph represents knowledge by relations between five classes of (meta-)data: problem, algorithm, benchmark, software, and publication, which are defined in the MathAlgoDB ontology.

MathAlgoDB is not only for mathematicians from the fields numerical analysis, numerical linear algebra, scientific computing, computational science and engineering, and data science, but also for scientists, researchers, engineers, or students from all fields interested in numerical algorithms.

MathAlgoDB is a MaRDI (MAthematical Research Data Initiative) measure, to make numerical research data FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable), particularly numerical algorithms and their meta-data.

Technically, MathAlgoDB is based on an RDF data model in Turtle syntax, served by Apache Jena Fuseki, and queried via SPARQL.

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